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My journey began in 2009 when I picked up a professional video camera for the very first time. I started off as an independent filmmaker after graduating from the New York Film Academy in New York, NY. I then went on to attend the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program. I have created visuals for several recording artists such as Trevor Gordon Hall of CandyRat Records, Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown of Carved Records, Robert Francis of Vanguard Records, and Trevor Hall, previously of Vanguard Records. In 2014, I expanded my filmmaking passions into photography and my images have been featured multiple times in the California-based literary periodical Placeholder Magazine.


I specialize in maternity/family photography, and of course... weddings! As your photographer, I feel it is important to capture life as it really is, which is why I specialize in lifestyle photography. I want to capture the candid closeness of you and your family, snapping memories you will cherish forever.

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